Hippocratic Perspective

I am assuming the responsibility for this, a dynamic of constant adaptation, for to preserve tomorrow is to duel with light speeds – GO FIGURE – and while you are waiting for that to explain itself, please read my short book.




While we have been preconditioned to think breaking the light barrier is an impossibility, in reality it is so common it has been overlooked through forced conditioning – the expected shock wave and hiccup in time is not evident until you can see it objectively, and understandably so.

So, to get you out of your preconditioned body and into a receptive mind (enter Mesmer and time dilation, if you are into quantum dynamics) Time, however, is really not important now, relax, the clock is not important, just your slow easy breathing, think about the motion of your breathing, it’s calming, in …. and out …  you forget everything but your breathing – in deeply, and out slowly, and inside your own psyche, take a moment to recall your youth, and  the quiet peace of walking through an empty field, it is some distance to the other side, the path seems to vanish into nothingness but you plod on, one foot after the other, until finally you see the end of your quest. Once there you turn and look back to measure your accomplishment. You see footprints across the once pristine glade.

Hah! you laugh!

How is this significant, you ask?

Integrality with nature is unavoidable, and the ability to lend a value to its essence is our appreciative purpose, this happens on the time (event) horizon and our ability to be an active part of the creation of the moment. The moment is composed of light energy we have consumed (all life – the food we eat – comes from the sun’s light) and bent into useful emotive forces, then express in expended light energy, manifested in our efforts, and in the reflected light of our physical activity and ethereally impacting the event horizon.  That said, the bigger your footprints the more impact your presence has had. Julius Caesar and Napoleon had damn big feet and both stomped across Europe, I occasionally have my foot stuck in my mouth, but it is history just the same. We all contribute something, be it trivial or not, the dynamic of life includes all these values and the conglomerate outcome reflects respective efforts of each individual. This is what we call being, we consume light in all of its processed and reflective forms and bend it into another moment in time, to survive we have to assume responsibility for that outcome, be it a reactionary temporary solution to immediate problems or unique creativity. In other words we make our own destiny.

There is no better definition of “FREE WILL”, and if you don’t believe it, you are no longer living, but rather a reactive product of your submission, and it’s inherent dictatorial surroundings and from that point of view, it’s all everybody else’s fault.

Go figure – This is happening constantly and usually taken for granted by the individual; the action is actually bending light energy along neuro-pathways, compressing, and/or warping space and stretching time into a physical entity, a neuropathic, and emotive force field of potential creativity, for which you have to assume responsibility.